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How To Get 5 Star Hygiene?

How To Get 5 Star Hygiene?

How to Get 5-Star Rating from Food Standard Agency (FSA), UK

Are you prepared as a small business operator for the inspection by your Environmental Health Officer?

My experience tells me that these officers come in to our premises to help us operate and prepare food in a safe environment for human consumption and to ensure that we keep up with the current and upcoming rules and regulations. Additionally, they provide and train you with the much needed support and resources to enable your business to maintain the positive outlook and to remain operational.


To get a 5-star rating from the Food Standard Agency Officer here are some tips to help you get started:

When an Environmental Health Officer comes to your premise the first thing the officer will look at is the overall picture or appearance of the business and the visible clues that shows reasonable hygiene standards of the premise. Therefore, if it is the first time for the EHO to visit your premise, I would suggest that you first ask a friend or a colleague to come visit your facility before the EHO comes. You should ask the friend to be honest and frank about what he or she sees or notices about your premise right from the outside appearance to the inside areas. You as the owner cannot get an honest opinion about your premise the same way a customer would. Therefore, let the friend or colleague go through the facility checking everything from the lighting, the floors, the kitchen area, dustbins the ceiling, the paint on the walls, the tables, chairs and everything in the premise including the employees.

Preparation for the EHO visit

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, give the Local Authority Inspectors powers to do the following:

  • Conduct examinations and investigations

  • Enter a business premise at any reasonable time without notice to the owner

  • Take measurements, food samples and photographs of the premise

  • Have materials and equipment dismantled and tested

  • Take possession of an article and tell you why he or she is doing that and issue a receipt

  • Inspect, record and copy necessary documents

  • Ask for information and make statements


With that said, here are the tips to get 5-star rating from the Food Standard Agency:

  • Wash your hands before you begin working and always wear a uniform

  • Immediately report any health issues or sickness

  • Always follow a cleaning schedule

  • Use a sanitiser in work surfaces and equipment

  • Always clean as you go

  • Keep all utensils and work surfaces dry

  • Do not allow water to collect at a particular place

  • Avoid leaving food at room temperature

  • Follow the FIFO rule when storing food

  • Do not put an open can in the fridge

  • Do not mix chemicals on assumption, always follow instructions

  • Keep all chemicals away from food stuffs and keep them in a locked secure place

  • Label all allergens and keep them away from the food stuffs

  • Do not decant chemicals from their original containers

  • Avoid underestimating your business and always be ready for an inspection, internal or external audits and a visit by the EHO

  • Always keep tabs on the main news alerts especially about product recalls.

    Maintaining good hygiene standards is vital for any business that sells food to the public. Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations might lead to the closure of your business.